Selma 1926


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What the previous owner had to say about Selma

hat we know from the Lloyd's Registery:

Selma was built in 1926 at Asker, Norway, at the Anker&Jensen boatyard by Johan Anker, for a Mr. Claud A. Allen from Glasgow.

The 1928 Lloyd's Registery shows that Selma changed ownership to a Mr. William Russel from Glasgow.


The following owners, according to the Lloyd's Registery, appear to be: 
Lloyd's 1936 : Archibald Cameron of Clynder.

Lloyd's 1947 : H.B. Adams of Lochgoilhead

Lloyd's 1955 : James Thompson of Gourock.

Lloyd's 1964 : C.A. Allan
then E.J. Coles and in 1999, Geoffrey Barker. 
Peter Wilson of Aldeburgh ( whose boatyard was partly destroyed by fire ( said that the only work that they did on Selma was a certain amount of rigging, Geoff Barker had a local jobbing boatbuilder do the work under his instructions, they were not involved in any way.
We purchased Selma from Mr. Goeffrey Barker. Goeff wrote to us in May 2008:

" Selma was delivered direct to Scotland from Norway in 1926, raced for several years. The cabin was fitted in the 30's. Selma was not used during the war. It was then used up to around 1970, then she was laid up in a boatyard on the Clyde in Scotland and claimed by them as a bad debt."


" I bought her in 1999, had her brought to my premices where I restored her over two winters.
A number of ribs were replaced, the hull was completely refastened with bronze screws (about 1300), some new s/s chainplates and a new deck was put on with all new fittings except the winches. The original, wonderful wooden mast was re rigged with all new fittings. She has a small BMW diesel, which was reconditioned."


"I had her delivered to Baden (Morbihan) in 2003, where she is today. Last year, I splined her completely and a revised mast step was installed."

"All is in good order."

"She is a superb example of a 6mR: fast, even with the engine installed, it's light, only 80kg with a folding prop. The engine is essential with the tides in the Gulf."

" She has her original lead keel fastened with silcon bronze bolts, all withdrawn in 1999, checked and replaced. Her construction is excellent as all her underwater planks are full length, no joins which can leak. She is very water tight thanks to splining and her topsides are smoth as GRP."

" There is a fitted roller reefing genoa, a spinnaker pole etc. Sails, from memory: 3 spinnakers, 4 jibs, 2 mains. "

" She has 2 small berths and cupboard below, all quite basic. depth sounder, compass (electric). "
Thanks to Tim Street, we are happy to show a rare picture of Selma prior to Geoff's ownership, when she was still in a shed, left out of water for too many years...